Binaa'il Masaajid Wal Madaaris Foundation is basically an Islamic Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), registered on 9th January 2014 with corporate affairs commission

It is temporarily headquartered at No. 7 Suite 9 Maiduguri Road Kano

About Us

The Foundation commenced operations on 15th February 2021 due to a number of reasons including the security situation in the country. The foundation was registered by a team of professionals, successful, honest and reputable personalities who have made name in their chosen career over the years

The vision of the management to make great impact by giving unconditional service to the muslim communities locally and perhaps internationally. The management is determined to make impact and create a conducive environment for the service of the All-mighty Allah


To work as an NGO towards improving the condition of the needy and the less privileged members of the society through social welfare and philantropic services in hospitals, prison yards, remand homes, orphanages, grave yards and similar institutions

Our Mission
To source for funds from voluntary donors for the purpose of building, rehabilitating and re-structuring Islamic infrastructure in Nigeria, thereby ensuring conducive service learning and effective drug rehabilitation environment
To encourage Muslims and Islamic organizations to provide funding for the cause of Allah and for the service of Islamic communities
To provide an honest institution where all funds received will be utilized honestly for the objectives of the Foundation and outmost satisfaction of the donors
To promote unity and a sense of purpose to all Muslims in Nigeria and beyond
To assist the poor, orphans and the less privileged members of the society thereby giving them a sense of honor and belonging
To ensure the prudent utilization of all donated funds and be fully transparent and accountable in whatever we do
Aims and Objectives
To carry the great message of Islam, disseminate true knowledge of the Holy Qur'an and the Hadiths of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) to all people
To promote the religious, moral and social advancement of members and all Muslims in general
To support and provide sound education to the Muslim Ummah and to propagate Islamic and Qur'anic general knowledge
To receive and disburse in accordance with the above objectives of the constitution of the organization, donations, gifts and grants from reputable individuals, Islamic organizations, countries, nations, communities and private institutions such as the Islamic Bank among others
To promote the values of Islam and to serve as a medium for Muslims unity and peace co-existence.
To build, maintain, repair and rehabilitate Masaajid, Islamic schools, institutions and other related infrastruture in Nigeria
Projects Funded
Future Projects

Jumaat Mosque, Nasarawa Village, Danbatta LGA Kano State, Nigeria. Co-Funded.

Future Projects

Rehabilitated Concrete Well, Nasarawa Village, Danbatta LGA Kano State, Nigeria. Sole Funded.

Future Projects

Farm House Mosque, Nasarawa Village, Danbatta LGA Kano State, Nigeria, Sole Funded.

Future Projects

Land for the Proposed Drug Rehabilitation Center, Nasarawa Village, Danbatta LGA Kano State, Nigeria. Sole Funded.